Laurie Moses: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

As board a party dress

Just when we will get our favorite party dress to go out, we realize that this wrinkled and do not have time to take it to a dry cleaner.
There are different ways to board a party dress, but keep in mind that for each material there is a perfect ironing.

If you want to iron your dress easily today we share with you tips on how to iron a party dress.

- The delicate dresses: If the garment fabric is tulle, silk or other similar fabrics should be ironed by an iron light that has a temperature controller that allows us to board at various heat to avoid damaging the garment.

- Tips: If the dress is very wrinkled the best way to get a perfect result is to put the garment on an ironing board. Iron with a dress extra soft temperature until completely smooth and then iron it inside out again carefully.
If the plate is dirty or ink contains other fabric to avoid staining, place a thin cloth over the dress.

- Once you find yourself finished ironing the dress, hang the garment on a wooden hanger and leave it in a safe place where it can not wrinkled or dirty.